About KTS

Kawartha Therapy Services, Inc. (KTS) has been serving the Peterborough and surrounding area for over 30 years. Our goal is to optimize quality of life for the people we serve by providing exceptional community-based services.  In 2013, 2016, 2019, and 2023 KTS received 3-year accreditation awards from CARF, an international accreditation body focused on quality and results-oriented care.  Our next survey will be late 2025.

Kawartha Therapy Services, Inc. uses a holistic and patient-centered approach.  Services are provided in an equitable manner without bias or discrimination. High standards are in place for quality, efficiency and accountability.  KTS provides pediatric and adult clients of all ages the opportunity to receive therapy services within multiple settings including private home residences, retirement homes, group homes, and private schools.

Our approach is holistic, client-centered and uses a goal-directed assessment and treatment approach. KTS is guided by an intrinsic belief in the worth and dignity of each individual. Personal characteristics of compassion, sensitivity, empathy, integrity, and inclusion are extended to clients, their families and caregivers. A sense of community, cultural sensitivity, mutual respect and cooperation will be fostered in all areas of service.

In 2023, KTS provided services to approximately 5740 adults and 100 children between the ages of 0-19.

  • 36% ages 10-19
  • 55% ages 6-9
  • 8% ages 3-5
  • 1% ages 0-2

Our staff satisfaction rating is 100%, and client satisfaction data indicates 99% overall satisfaction with services provided by KTS therapists.  KTS has a very low turnover rate and prides itself on engagement and satisfaction with staff and contracted therapists.

KTS demonstrates excellent working relationships with community partners, as captured in our 2023 stakeholder survey including vendors  and contracting agencies with a result of 100% overall satisfaction.

We have an excellent safety reputation for both staff and clients. KTS consistently achieves solid financial performance in accordance with standard accounting recommendations. Additional information regarding performance measurement or results may be available upon request.

Mary Ann Storey, MSc(OT) OT Reg. (ONT)


company owner Mary Ann StoreyMary Ann provided occupational therapy services through Kawartha Therapy Services starting in 2005 and purchased KTS from founder Emilie Embrey in 2011.  Prior to entering her current leadership role, she enjoyed working with children and provided consultation for schools through contracts with the Central East CCAC (now Home and Community Care Support Services – Central East).

Mary Ann enjoys the challenges of managing a successful therapy company and balancing it with family time, fun and relaxation. She is focused on maintaining the high quality and efficiency of therapy services at KTS with ongoing quality improvement initiatives. Mary Ann enjoys communicating with therapists, external stakeholders, clinical consultants and office staff to problem solve collaboratively to achieve the best possible outcomes.  She also loves living on her beautiful farm, spending time at the sports field or arenas, and camping/hiking and boating on the lake with her young and active family.